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Two Open Calls at Inter Arts Center with deadline in September!

Playtime Call. Illustration.

Inter Arts Center is happy to announce two Open Calls: "1,2,3 Playtime" in collaboration with Region Skåne (deadline 29 September) and a one-month residency call for composers and sound-artists in Lithuania!

1,2,3 Playtime. A lecture and workshop series in the field of gamification.

Games constitute a multidisciplinary field which the workshop series reflects by exploring various methods and tools within game design in both digital and physical environments. The project offers an opportunity to transform and develop aspects of one’s own artistic practices into a game-based form. Participants will also collaborate in smaller groups, where different skills and shared questions can cross-pollinate in the development of joint game projects. Lectures will be given in related areas such as AI, robotics, and cognitive research.


The lecture and workshop series is organized by IAC and Region Skåne.

Read more about the benefits and requirements here.

One-month residency in Lithuania: Open-call for composers and sound-artists affiliated with Inter Arts Center/Lund University (including alumni)

Lithuanian Composers’ Union, together with Druskininkai Artists‘ residency and Culture Moves Europe program, invites artists to apply for the international residency, gathering artists from Austria, Sweden, and Ukraine to compose new works for Jauna muzika contemporary music festival, which will take place in April 2024 in Vilnius.

In March 28–April 28, 4 composers from Hållnäs, AIR Krems, Inter Arts Center, and Kyiv Contemporary Music Days organizations will live and work in Druskininkai Artists’ Residence house, creating new pieces for the experimental music festival “Jauna muzika”. Launched in 1992, “Jauna  Muzika” is one of Lithuania’s oldest arts festivals. It is aimed at artists working with sound as a form of experimental creativity.


Read more about the terms, conditions, selection process here.