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NEW CALL at IAC: Spatial Audio Workshop

röda rummet

Application deadline: 27 May 2024

Inter Arts Center (IAC) announces a Spatial Audio Workshop during autumn 2024 that will investigate spatial audio techniques to explore ways of leveraging the potential of spatial audio for creating immersive experiences and opening up new possibilities for listening.

Spatial audio is currently experiencing a renaissance period through the rise of various extended reality (XR) applications. This has occurred alongside rapid spatial audio development within arts, music and gaming applications made possible by increasing processing power, and a proliferation of open source software, sensor-based technologies and spatial audio microphone technologies.

The workshop will take place over three weeks during autumn 2024 where participants will work closely together to try out different spatial audio techniques over both headphones and a multi-speaker Genelec array. 

During this period, participants will take a deep dive into specific spatial audio techniques, practicing spatial recording techniques, mixing technologies, content delivery and metadata workflows, and distribution formats. Additionally, all participants will get hands on building their own hardware spatial audio controller for integrating into spatial audio post-production and live workflows. The workshop will culminate in participants’ presenting a new spatial audio piece, developed during the workshops, using the hardware controller and/or techniques learned during the period.

The workshops will be led by Sebastian Hastrup and Tim Bishop, both experienced sound designers and engineers focusing specifically on spatial audio. The Spatial Audio Workshop is funded with support from Sten K Johnson Foundation.

Application: Read more about how to apply here!

Application deadline: 27 May 2024

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