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"The idea of exhibition as we understand it is also shifting"

konst från utställningen
Photo: Pernille Emilia Kjær

It is time for Malmö Art Academy's Annual exhibition (May 12 - June 11) which also this year is digital, with work from all of our students as well as some collaboration projects. Teacher and former student Youngjae Lih has been coordinating the exhibition.

How have you been working together with the students?

-I've mostly been coordinating the students' work and the online platform. Displaying art work has become such an essential ability these days and the idea of exhibition as we understand it is also shifting. Therefore, I have focused on constructing an independent platform to show the art works regardless of its medium, more in a consistent way rather than an instant event.

Is there a theme to the exhibition?

-No, the annual exhibition doesn't have a specific theme but rather opens up our student's on-going works to the public. The only difference would be that it is the second annual show on a digital platform, which we expect will become very common.

What can the audience expect?

-The visitor can enjoy a live streamed event on May 12 (17:00). There will be an inauguration speech, performances and video screenings. Also the audience can find more digital works (videos, 3D models) than other years which reflects our situation at the moment but also young artist's interests.

Something else you want to add?

-Credits to all the artists who have participated this year and technicians who made it happen.

Link to the event and Annual Exhibition, May 12 - June 11